Thursday, November 23, 2006


I pretty much have the most incredibly amazing family in the entire world. I think that is obvious by this picture. Classic! I am so thankful for my family.
I didn't know this was possible but somehow I found another family as equally amazing as mine and I married their son. I would have to say my life is perfect.
I have a lot to be thankful for this year!
I got to talk to all of my family (not all at once). I found out that my sister is ready to pop (she is having a baby!!), the favorite thanksgiving food is pumkin pie, and after Brian moves to Arizona all the kids will be in different states. You' think we don't like each other... and when Mom and Dad moves we will be all over the place. I love you guys.
Well, Aaron and I spent the day at the English's home. Here are some pictures.

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middledavis said...

What a great blog, Jen! I loved reading it and looking at the family photos. You're good at writing, too. Keep up the great work. I'm going to put a link from my blog to yours so I can keep up on your posts.