Saturday, January 13, 2007

Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Lora is one of those intelligament types... she reads real good.

Hands down.. this first gift was the best... but I think the guns were for Jared and Devin... maybe if your lucky you will get to see the video of me and Lora at war!
(We stopped doing the duct tape wars, remember?)

After all those years of marriage they still like each other!

Either Devin just scored a pretty awesome gift or he wants everyone to smell his airpits...

This is one of dad's tradtions... not a Christmas tradtion- an every evening tradition. It is called "Staying up Late"
Look! we still like each other too.. after four whole months of marriage... we are pretty much experts by now...

Even Heidi made out pretty well this year...

Its a good thing the world isn't a snow globe and Aaron is not in charge of it!

My parents spoiled us rotten and Jim and Lora are doing the same for their kids... Way to keep the tradition alive!

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