Friday, November 23, 2007

Gobble Gobble

Not a typical Thanksgiving at Chuckarama... nice name for a restaurant eh?

Mom and Dad flew in Thanksgiving morning and we headed out to Idaho Falls for dinner. Chuckarama, JB's and Frontier Pies were the only restaurants open and so, here we are at Chuckarama. We waited in a pretty long line and when we left, the line was as long as it was when we arrived. The food was pretty good and I definitely left bigger than I came in, which I didn't know was possible since I am the size of an elephant already.This was Aaron's first time eating out on Thanksgiving. Although I think he enjoyed himself, he was definitely missing his mom's home cooking... this face reminds me of his what?-no-donuts? face.
This is me... big... I was hoping to have the baby before Thanksgiving but she wasn't very cooperative. I think she was a little mad at me because I didn't leave her much room after I ate all that food... but there is plenty of room outside of my tummy for her.

These pictures are taken at my parents hotel room. The next day we went to the Outback and had some steak. My mom knew I really wanted it. I actually got to have steak and ribs... then my mom said, "K- I gave you steak, wheres my grand daughter?" Apparently, that was the deal and I haven't kept my end yet.
We had a great Thanksgiving, mostly because we have so much to be thankful for. We have great families, lots of people to love and who love us... and we have a baby coming soon. There is nothing like celebrating all our many blessings by gorging ourselves. We are truly blessed.

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middledavis said...

Your mom and dad called to let us know how much they enjoyed visiting with you guys. I was happy to hear they might go back out for a weekend after the baby is born.