Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last day with the parents...

Saturday, Aaron and I took mom and dad to the Gardens on campus. It was a little cold but still beautiful. Now my parents will have to come back in the summer and see the gardens in bloom.

That night we went to the Hard Hat Steak House and ran into my Doctor and his wife. He told me at my Friday's appointment that he expected to see me this weekend, but I am pretty sure he meant at the hospital. He was out with his wife and said that he plans to see a movie and he hasn't made it through an entire movie without a call to the hospital in a while. Well, if he didn't make it through the movie, it wasn't my fault because I am still pregnant.

Mom and Dad left Sunday morning thinking I'd have the baby as soon as they left... but guess what? it is Tuesday and I am still pregnant.

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middledavis said...

I enjoyed all the pictures you posted, Jen. Those were some especially nice photos of the Temple with the beautiful sky behind it.