Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Apartment

I have procrastinated posting these pictures because I haven't had time to organize like I want to, so there are a few piles of stuff. I am sure you understand. We have been living here a month now and we love it. The apartment is a little older than our last one but our old one could have fit inside our new living room.
Here is Maddie's crib. She loves the mobile but doesn't sleep in here much longer than a couple of hours. Sigh. Maddie's room has two closets, so we use one for storage.
This is our dining area. Eat, eat, eat all day long... eat, eat, eat while I post this blog... Marshall, that rap was for you.
The Kitchen. I thought I would tell you just in case you got it mixed up with some other room. We have much more drawer space but not a whole lot of pantry space. Still an upgrade.
Way on the other side of the living room is Aaron and Maddie. Please take note of the stunningly beautiful multi-colored carpet. That's what sold us on the apartment. Seriously, Aaron loves it because he thinks we don't have to vacuum, just wait until Maddie can crawl.


I like Potatoes...Potatoes smell like flowers said...

Hey I love the pics of Maddie!!! so freakin CUTE!! and i love you book shelf that is nice!

middledavis said...

Thanks for the pics of the apartment, Jen! It DOES have lots more room, doesn't it?

The video of Maddie walking/dancing (following in Uncle Marshall's footsteps?) is wonderful!

Brenda Sheffield said...

Where did you move too? Are you still in Rexburg? I can't believe how old Maddie is now, wow she is growing up fast and is so cute!

Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

That apartment looks great and the pictures of Maddie crack me up. She is such a little cutie. I bet she knows how to get what she wants with the charming smile and her many expressions.