Monday, February 18, 2008

These are a few of Maddie's favorite things

Maddie loves...
  1. sleeping on anyone
  2. blowing bubbles
  3. motorboat
  4. getting her diaper changed on the changing table
  5. hearing music
  6. mornings with daddy
  7. rocking in the glider
  8. looking out the window
  9. sitting up like a big girl, especially at dinner time
  10. sucking on her fist
  11. breakfast

Maddie doesn't like...

  1. being alone
  2. laying on her tummy
  3. being tired
  4. getting in her car seat


Suzie Koskella said...

HI Jen! I found your blog through suzys and I am glad that you are doing great! Your little baby is so cute!! Congrats!!

middledavis said...

I love the new look of your blog! You and Suzy have been busy updating your blogs, haven't you?
I love all Maddie's pictures, but I'm especially appreciative that you post videos of her vocalizations. It makes it seem like I'm right there with you...almost. Except that I can't reach down and give her butterfly kisses.
I liked the list of things Maddie likes...and dislikes.
You guys are doing a great job!