Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sleep update

I couldn't get this picture to turn the right way, but pictures are always better than no picture. So, there you go. Maddie is finally sleeping through the night HOORAY!!! Can you tell that I am happy? Since we started the new sleep routine she has been consistently sleeping more and more. She hardly cries when I put her down and she usually falls asleep within ten minutes. Last night, she feel asleep at 7:30pm and we had to wake her up at 7ish am. Sometimes, we go in to check on her in the morning and she is just hanging out in her crib awake grabbing her toes. So cute! We took this picture a few weeks ago. She squinted because of the flash but she really sleeps with her hands behind her head sometimes. Cute huh?

Other news.. We had a WIC appointment today and Maddie has lost two ounces. What?? I know. She eats like crazy and I still nurse her as often as I did before solids. She only weighs 11 lbs! There are babies who weigh more than that who are 2 months old. Well, I called my parents and they said when I was little, they couldn't feed me enough. I literally ate all the time. It's true, almost every picture they have of me I am eating. They just kept giving me food. I am guessing that Aaron also has a pretty high metabolism. So, I guess I will just give Maddie more food. She will love that. We just started feeding her avocado, as recommended by Dr. Furhman (How To Disease Proof Your Child)... and she loves it.

Today at the store, I had Maddie in the Bjorn. She likes to munch on bread so, I will get a peice ready for her and just hold it in front of her. She reaches her neck out to grab it like a little duck when she is ready. Well, at the store, I was talking to a lady who worked there and she mentioned that Maddie had a mouthful of bread. (I can't see her face, she is facing forward.) I moved to look at her and sure enough she has a mouthful of bread and a huge grin on her face.


middledavis said...

The bread story was funny. Loved the picture of her asleep, too. Thanks for the post, I always love reading about the goings on in your house in Rexburg, Jen and Aaron.
How's that garden coming along?

Emily said...

My kids are little too. She probably gets a lot of that from Aaron, Mom says we were all small. I think she looks just perfect though!

middledavis said...

I forgot to mention how much I like your blog background.