Monday, May 05, 2008

Testimony Meeting

I didn't bare my testimony yesterday but Saturday I ran into a friend who brought up a few things that really caused me to think about my testimony during yesterday's meeting. I probably should have gotton up there, but I had a wiggly baby and a handful of poor excuses. Excuses are like armpits: everyone has them and they usually stink.

Anywho, my friend recently got married and asked me questions regarding my thoughts on having children soon. Of course, I am all for it, otherwise Maddie wouldn't be here. My friend and his wife are still in school like Aaron and I. He asked me, "is it hard?" I'm not going to lie, it is much easier without a child to go to school, but I would never give up this experience for anything in the world. To tell you the truth, I love being poor, having a child, going to school, having more to do than hours in the day... call me crazy but what better way to learn that God can and will keep his promises. This is something that I know and if Heavenly Father asked me to have another one right now, I would do it at the drop of a hat. Sometimes we are asked to do what seems like impossible tasks, but when we are obedient to them, we learn that God really can do anything and that Christ really did atone for us. Also something that I know. So, bring on the hard and the difficult because if everything in life were easy and I never felt like I needed Christ, than maybe I wouldn't know these things that I do.

Somewhere in Matthew, I think chapter 11, Christ invited us to come unto him all those who labor and are heavy laden, he will give us rest. Take his yoke upon us because his yoke is easy and his burden is light. This is my testimony. Christ's yoke is easy and when life feels a little too hard to bare, Christ will give us rest and as result, we will know with a stronger conviction that God really does keeps his promises.


Suzie Koskella said...

I feel the same way! Being poor college students is hard but adding a baby to it is harder but I would not trade this time for anything! Someday I will wake up and all my kids will be grown and I will miss this days where we could not afford fancy things but we could go to the park! Thanks for your thoughts! I have really been thinking about this lately and Heavenly Father does bless us in so many ways!

middledavis said...

I feel so privileged to have you for a daughter-in-law. Thank you for your testimony.