Sunday, June 29, 2008

this weeks update...

Lost and Found Sale: We got 2 jackets, 3 shirts, a pair of shorts, a scarf, a beanie, ear muffs, a basketball, folders, a Nalgene bottle, and two sweatshirts for $16.

Aaron's tests:
Aaron usually gets up at 4am to study and usually gets home between 10-12 pm. He comes home to watch Maddie for an hour and a half while I am in class and he eats dinner. All his hard work is paying off. His score on his last Chemistry test was 93% and Biology was 91%. His tests scores are well above the class average.

She started this thing where she puts a block in each hand and bangs them together. We also noticed that she tries to bang other things together that are in her hands, like bread and a pen.
We also have a cute video of Maddie eating bread but we can't get it to load on blogger.

Free Diapers: I saw an ad on the bulletin board giving away a box of diapers. I called and it was the front desk of the Days Inn. A guest had bought the wrong size of diapers and wanted to give them away. Sweet! free diapers. The even sweeter thing is when I got the box home, there was a baby sign book stuffed in the side of the box. That box was definitely for me.

Uncle Marshall: Marshall babysat Maddie while I met with a group for a class and she loves Marshall. She gets a little sad when he leaves the room.


Emily said...

Sounds like you got a great deal at that lost and found sale! I love garage saleing so I can appreciate that. And way to go Aaron on your tests!

middledavis said...

Aaron, we're SO proud of you for working so hard. I know you must be proud of yourself, too.
And Jen, way to go with the great deals at the lost and found sale AND the free diapers/book. That's the Days Inn we usually stay at I bet. There is a nice family who runs the place and lives in an apartment behind the front desk. I think the little skirt you made is very cute. You have a real knack for sewing.