Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Behind on blogging

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to blog about and I either blog anyway or don't blog at all. If I blog anyway, I end up feeling like those people in class who ask questions just to hear their own voice. If I opt for the don't blog at all option I don't know why, but I feel guilty. Like I have an obligation to blog on a regular basis. I don't even really know how many people read this.... Anyway, this time, that is not the case. I have not just something to blog about but many things and because I am behind on my blogging I feel like I have to go in chronological order. Well, today that is just not going to happen. We have had a few family trips recently (Boise and Yellowstone) and they will not be in order. With my new schedule we will be lucky if I get those pictures up by Christmas. So, although I am out of order, in more ways than one, I am blogging anyway.
Here are some updates:

Although it is my off-track, I am taking a full load of classes. I found out, on the first day of school, that some of my classes are not offered on the winter/summer track. Four and a half hours later and a 4 trips between buildings on the opposite side of campus from each other I was able to register for classes. I am finding myself very busy and consequently Aaron gave Maddie a bath for the first time. I don't think the experience was too traumatic, but her eyes have never seen so much water. He has a different method of washing her hair than I do. The classes I am taking are Pattern Making, Clothing Construction, Physical Science + lab, Teaching of the Living Prophets, Entrepreneur Skills and Merchandising. That's all for me
Maddie is...
1. standing up
2. clapping
3. refusing food
4. throwing food
5. Starting to play instead of cry when she wakes up
6. sleeping with her arm around her glow worm my parents gave her
7. Smacking her lips
8. saying "da"
9. finding toys out of anything that is not a toy
10. knocking down domino buildings like a baby Godzilla

Aaron is being an amazing husband and helping me with my science class. He is reading Journey to the Center of the Earth and Alice in Wonderland. He will probably be on the computer more but most likely ESPN instead of blogger.


~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

I read your blog! I don't know how you do a full load of classes with a kid, PROPS to you! If you need anything please don't hesitate to call.

I loved teachings of the living prophets! Hope you enjoy it too!

Brown Family said...

I read you blog! And I'm so glad that you updated it because I was wondering if it was going to work out for you to take classes this semester. I wish I was home so you could've told me in person, but this will do. You're going to be one busy bee. And don't worry too much about the way aaron bathes maddy...they'll get used to eachoher and be just fine!

I like Potatoes...Potatoes smell like flowers said...

I READ YOUR BLOG!!!! i live for the pictures and the stories that come from it. my sister and mom love hearing about you and your family as well. so there!


Brielle said...

Good update. When you have a baby all you have to do is post pictures and usually people are happy, especially when you have a baby as pretty as Maddie.

AlwaysMee said...

You’ve been tagged. Read my blog to find out how it works.