Monday, November 03, 2008


I have a friend who hates mommy-blogs because she "just can't handle the seven and a half months of pregnancy posts and then the 3 millions pictures of their infant children that look just like every other baby I have ever seen."

I don't quite have 3 million photos of Maddie up here yet, I better catch up, so....
Cute pictures of Maddie looking out the window

Cute pictures of Maddie in the Bath
(Maddie is signing food)

Cute pictures of Maddie in the coat I made her.


Emily said...

I LOVE her coat!!

Cassidy said...

Hey friend. I did say that about Mommy blogs. But, I love to read yours. Of course you are the exception to that rule. :) LOVE YA!

Jen said...

I was wondering if you still checked my blog. I know I have a mommy-blog. It's okay, I am not in denial. Your blog is one of my favorites to check, probably because it isn't a mommy-blog.