Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mexico Vacation 1st installment

Well, it is Christmas day and my parents are lounging on the beach, Aaron is watching basketball, Maddie is napping, I am blogging, and I have a box of Christmas cards sitting on the bookshelf at home in Rexburg. I didn't get my Christmas Cards out again (slacker, I know). So, I am jumping on the banwagon and doing my Christmas letter electronically this year. If I have your email, I am emailing this to you also. If you don't get it, than I don't have your email and you need to give it to me.

This current post is what I call mass blogging. I am trying to get as many pictures up as possible because Maddie could wake up any minute. I'll probably come back and write more.

Maddie, this morning opening gifts.
She got a singing, talking doggy. I think my parents like this dog because all of their grandchildren have one. Ours is the updated version with a new song. I know, pretty posh. Anywho, Maddie was mezmorized by it. She also got some things to put in her hair and a stacking bucket toy, plus we forgot to bring our gifts for her. They are waiting for her under the tree. Our gift from my parents was the trip to Mexico and swimming with the dolphins tomorrow. Thanks mom and dad, you are wonderful.

Almost across the street from the building we were staying in, there was a little zoo. We didn't get to see the orangutang or the jaguar but the parrots could dance and say "agua" and "hola."

We went on a lot of walks. These are pictures from a morning walk down the road. We also did a beach walk and saw a place where they release turtles. I really wanted to do that but no turtles had hatched from their eggs yet. Aaron and I went on a couple walks while Maddie was napping and dad stayed with her. I also liked taking Maddie to the beach for her morning bottle. That way we got to see the sun rise. That is when I should have brought the camera.

I was only going to put one of these pictures up of Maddie but I couldn't choose because she has such a great smile in all of them.

Aaron on a boogie board in the ocean. He didn't really know what he was doing so he said he watched all the little kids on boogie boards. He figured if an eight year old could do it he could figure it out. My mom said we should get used to learning new things from children; it's a sign of getting old.

Mexican Fiesta Night.
We sat by a nice family. Harvey and his sister, wife and daughter. They thought my dad was actually Aaron's dad and my dad kept calling Harvey's sister, Harvey's wife. That made the night pretty interesting.

We discovered that Maddie loves the water. This is at my parents home. Every time we got near the water she held her hands out and said please. She didn't care that it was cold.


Emily said...

What fantastic pictures! It's so strange to see everyone in shorts and t-shirts and to know that the pictures were just taken. Hope you're having a wonderful time!

middledavis said...

Wow, Jen, great photos. I enjoyed them all. It's so neat to see you guys having such a wonderful time in Mexico with your parents. It looks like they're going to retire to a fabulous place.