Thursday, January 29, 2009

7 on Thursday

1. So these pictures were taken last year but it looks just like this outside with maybe three times the snow. There are piles and piles of snow around the complex. I'm pretty sure me at 10 years old would have thought this place was heaven. The snow is beautiful, especially since the old snow was getting brown and gross. Now, we have a fresh layer.

2. Last Sunday, I went up to church for a training meeting in the evening and the roads looked like a giant sheet of ice. Church is on a hill and I pretty much slid down the entire hill. When I was, I don't know 16 or 17, my brother Brian took me to the mountains, in an empty parking lot and just let me slide around driving his car. It was a lot of fun but it actually taught me how it feels to slide on the ice and I learned how to control the car. Thanks Brian, I needed those skills on Sunday.

3. Tuesday, our car wouldn't start. We hitched a ride to school with the Flamm's and the Browns helped us warm up the car by charging it from their car. It works now. A good lady in one of my classes gave me a ride home so I wouldn't have to walk. Mormons are so nice.

4. Friday, our sinks filled with water and there was a cascade of water flowing over our counter into our dining area and into the living room. The plumber guy came and fixed it but it happened again yesterday. This time the water seeped into our cupboards. Some of our stuff was damaged but not nearly as bad as it could have been. I had a minor breakdown but a call from my mom fixed that. The plumber guy came back and fixed the sink again. So the Brown's and us have not been able to use any water in our kitchens. Once everything was fixed I was so excited to do dishes because they were piling up on my counter and the place was just a mess. I thought that I might never again be so excited to do dishes that I needed to document it. I really am grateful that I get to do dishes, because not only does it mean we have food to eat but it also means my sink isn't flooding with garbage disposal water and I can have a clean kitchen.

5. Some day's we only have to scrape the car once.

6. Even though my eyelashes and nostril hairs freeze (not together) I stay pretty warm in the down coat my In-laws bought me.

7. Maddie is gaining weight and eating like a champ. She gets a little feisty if you try to feed her. She is actually pretty good with the spoon, but she still prefers her fingers.
Maddie recently found Aaron's lab goggles and decided to wear all three of them.
I showed her the proper way to wear them and she didn't like it as much. Her face looks like it is melting.


Christopher said...

haha, eyelashes and nostril hairs freezing together is a funny image. So is maddie wearing goggles :)

Joanne said...

Oh my goodness - Maddie is adorable Jen. What a cutie!
Wow, that water back-up is a serious thing. I would have gone crazy if water started leaking everywhere. Glad to see they got it fixed.
Looks like it's snowing up a storm where you are. Stay warm!

Brenda Sheffield said...

Maddie is so cute she looks like so much fun. I have to say that I am glad I am not in Rexburg with all the snow.

Kristen and Nathan said...

those pictures of Maddie with the goggles are soooo cute.

Brown Family said...

you make me laugh.