Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cedar River

My aunt Linda's backyard faces the Cedar River. We took Maddie out there on the first day of our visit and she just loved throwing rocks into the river. Everyday we were there she asked to go outside and down to the river. The last day we were there she attempted to throw herself into the river. Good thing she was well supervised.

This is Ava, my cousin's other daughter. Maddie and Ava share their birthday.

Maddie just had to try on Ava's boots.


middledavis said...

The remark about Maddie throwing herself in the river made me laugh. Bill, too. We love the picture where she's holding the rock up by her ear. I suppose that is her "toss the rock in the river" stance. We miss you guys!!!

Michelle said...

Yeah, I always loved being in the water, too! & throwing rocks. I was never very good at skipping them, though. I always got jealous when other people could do it. :)