Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hiking at Mesa Falls

Yesterday, we went hiking with our neighbor Mandy. It was a gorgeous day. These are some pictures Mandy took.
I lost the battery charger for our camera so we haven't taken any pictures lately. Consequently, I haven't been blogging either.

Maddie is starting to say phrases. When someone knocks on the door she yells, "Come in." She also says "I love you." She is just getting better from being sick for a couple of weeks. I think she is also really enjoying the nice weather. She usually starts asking to go outside at 7:30 am and continues all day. The other day some friends had their pools out and Maddie loved hanging out with friends in the pool, Especially since Christine was giving out popcycles. She cried when we had to leave. Living in an apartment complex is great in the summer because Maddie loves being outside with other kids.

We have also been visiting Nursery with Maddie. She usually cries when I mention leaving but today we stopped by during snack time and she was okay with me leaving her there. It will be nice when she loves going to Nursery.

I'll start posting more pictures when I find our battery charger.


middledavis said...

Jen I LOVE the pictures of you and Maddie visiting the falls!!! What a fun day that must have been. I hope you get your camera fixed soon. I've missed your frequent posts.

vandi said...

Good luck finding the charger. That always stinks. Plus I'm so proud of Maddie going to at least snack time. Nursery is great. Chad and I just got called to be Nursery teachers here so we're excited about that. How are you doing? I hope you're not too over whelmed. Being RS Pres. is such a neat experience. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help from a distance. How are the girls anyway. Did Marilyn have her baby? Anyway, we miss you guys too and hope you're great!

Erin said...

I'm so glad that you guys did some fun family time for memorial day weekend. Maddie looks so cute in her pics.