Friday, August 14, 2009

Where in the world is Carmen San Deigo?

I have absolutely no idea what I have done in the last month. I looked at my calendar thinking that would give me a clue as to whats been happening in our lives... but I got nothing. My calendar is full of dinner lists and to-do lists. I thought about just posting my to do list so that you would know what I have been up to. But as I took a closer look at the list, I realized my list was mostly laundry and homework reminders and other boring things. How sad. So, this update is of the few things I remember and what were are up to now.

1. On the 17th of July, I prepared some family names for Ward Temple Night. I believe that ordinances are necessary to exaltation, so I help out family members who have passed away by doing their ordinance work for them. That's what we do in the Temple, besides our own work. Every once in a while, we go to the Temple as a Ward, and I thought that would be a great goal to set for me. Maddie was named after my Grandma Madeline. I called her Gram though. Anywho, I did Gram's work and some other family members from her line. On my birthday, Aaron and I will have Gram sealed. A sealing is a marriage ceremony that extends beyond this life. I will get her sealed to James and Joseph. That was pretty exciting for me.

I hadn't done baptism's for a while. When I went, Aaron couldn't come with me so I was praying there would be a man there to do the names I had prepared that were male. When I went down to the baptistry, there wasn't. I went to the waiting area and waited anyway to baptize Gram and her mother. A few minutes later a man walked in with his son and daughter. His son was able to do my family names. The father told me that they were having a hard time getting their son to come willingly and he had told his son that someone needed him today and he came. I was so grateful. I hope that experience meant something to him because it sure meant something to me. God answers prayers. I wish I could describe the feeling I had as I did Gram's work. I felt so close to her. Gram came and lived with us for a few years before she died. Those years were so precious to me. My earliest memories of going to church were with her. We went to a baptist church. I mostly remember singing and going to lunch after church. Maddie was named after a great women.

2. My parents came to visit us for two weeks. We went to Bear World, Yellowstone and Mesa Falls. Mostly we just hung out and let Maddie get to know her grandparents. They stayed at a friends apartment in our complex. Every morning Maddie would wake up and ask, "where's papa?" She asked for Grandma too, but for some reason every time she says grandma it sounds different. She continued to ask for them after they left. Actually, now whenever she sees an older person she yells, "papa!" It's pretty cute. My parents have most of the pictures so, I will post those later.

3. Aaron and I ended the semester and I started a short one. They do classes here at BYU-Idaho, they call it the summer session. It only lasts 7 weeks. I am taking Church History. It's a fun class but the homework is kind of lame. I am not motivated at all to do them. I enjoy the reading but the homework is 20 or so questions where you have to look up meticulous details about certain events or people. What I have discovered though is that I know a lot more about church history than I thought. My teacher is pretty funny. Aaron has been studying hard for the DAT. That is the dental entrance exam. He takes it on the 30 of September. I will start my last semester of school in September. I graduate in December! Woohoo! I am only the slightest bit excited.

4. The other day, Maddie and I got home from doing something around lunch time. She was super tired, I asked her if she wanted food or a nap. She signed food and nap together. I gave her some food. When she told me she was done, I went into the kitchen to get something to clean her up with, when I came back to the table, she had already fallen asleep. I thought it was stinckin cute.

Some more fun things from Maddie.... I think she is getting ready to be potty trained, she likes to sit on the potty and asks to do so often.... she started asking why all the time...We have a signing video that goes through fruits and when she watches it she always wants to eat all of the day I was super tired and tried to get her to pretend sleep with me but she didn't want to... I showed Maddie how to paint with just water on the porch and she loves it, now we do it all the time...Maddie loves to help me sweep but she isn't very good at it yet...She signs too many words now to make a list.

5. I'm fish sitting for the Frongner's. Maddie loves it. She asks to see the fish maybe 20 times a day. She also feeds them at night before she goes to bed. The blue one is Jason and the other two don't have names yet. I have been calling them a different name a day to see what fits. Nothing has stuck yet. They sleep. I didn't know fish sleep but I have been slightly paranoid that I might kill them. Aaron has assured me that they will float if they are dead. So far, when they stop moving they are on the bottom of the tank.

6. I went with some friends to see My Sister's Keeper. I cried.. a lot. It was good though. What a great reminder of how short life can be and to really savor every moment. I also learned how to make delicious egg rolls.

Well, I think that wraps up my list.

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