Monday, October 19, 2009

Maddie's Prayer

Lately, we have noticed that Maddie will start to talk while we are praying. So, we started slowing down our prayers so she could repeat what we were saying. This morning, when I said it was time for family prayer, she started going without us. This is what she said...

Heavenly Father
Bless Papa
Bless Nana
Bless Mike
I like my milk
Bless Mommy
Bless Daddy
Bless Maddie
Jesus Christ, Amen

She has a book with Aaron's family pictures in it. She asks to read it almost every night. She recognizes most of Aaron's family. She says Mike's name really well and sometime calls Marshall and Christopher, Mike. She ususally has really good morning and night prayers and meal time prayers, but in public settings, like church or sometimes family home evening, she has been refusing to pray. Her prayers are so cute.


middledavis said...

Bless her heart. We sure love our little Maddie.

Brenda Sheffield said...

So cute, I love hearing little kids praying