Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween Shenanagins

I thought I should document Halloween this year before Thanksgiving. I've been a little bit of a blog slacker and if I don't put these pictures on now, you may never see them.

Halloween week started of with a family home evening at the Brown's carving pumpklns. Maddie was a little afraid of putting her hand inside the pumpkin but we got her to use a spoon eventually. She mostly played with Ivan while Aaron and I carved the pumpkin.

We carved a Frankenstein pumpkin. *note to self: next Halloween get a picture of the finished pumpkin. oops*

Thursday was the Ward Halloween party. Sorry, no pictures of the party, just of Maddie's costume. She was Boo, from Monsters Inc. I spent the two hours before the party making her costume. Not perfect, but I didn't exactly have a lot of time. *note to self: next year, start making Maddie's costume sooner than the night of the Halloween party, or buy a costume*

Friday morning, I took Maddie to class in her costume. A little embarrassing taking the costume to my sewing class, but at least my teacher knew why I didn't get the buttons on the pants I turned in that day. Someday, I will post the projects I have made in my sewing class.

That evening, we went to probably the most awesomest party ever, The Brown's annual Murder Mystery Party. They turned their apartment into a cave and we all dressed up like superheros. I yoinked some pictures from Mandy's blog. Aaron was the General and I was Blue Blaze. This is a picture of all the characters.
Here is a group shot. Turns out, not only did I die that night, I harbored a villain and murdered a fellow superhero. I bet you didn't know I had it in me, I sure didn't.

On Halloween day we just hung out as a family. We took Maddie to the Rex's Trunk or Treat. She played a little DDR with Temprance and we had free tacos at Taco Bell.

Best Halloween we've had all year!


middledavis said...

Wow! What a Halloween party! Thanks for the pictures!

Maddie looks great in her costume, and I knew who she was even before I read your comments. Amazing that you finished the costume in so little time!

I love the picture of Maddie putting her hand into the pumpkin. I've GOT to post the one of Kate putting her hand into a pumpkin, too, because their expressions show similar distaste.

Send me some pics, Jen! I can't get them from your blog.

Emily said...

I love Maddie's costume! Boo is one of my favorite characters ever.