Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Crazy how fast two years go! We had a cooking party for Maddie. I made aprons and chef hats for the children who attended. I think they had a lot of fun.
Maddie was super mellow, not like me on my birthdays as a kid.

When I ask her to smile, it looks more like a growl.
We decorated mini cupcakes.

I can't believe my little girl is two years old. Can I just say that I love being her mother more than anything else in this world. I was definitely cut out for motherhood.

Maddie's love list
1. Maddie signs like crazy. I can't even tell you how many signs she knows now. Even Aaron knows some signs that I don't. I love baby signing.
2. Maddie loves to say "my." My daddy, my mommy, my yogurt, my nanna, my papa, my Ivan...
3. Maddie loves shoes. She is picky about her shoes though, she wont just wear any shoes.
4. Maddie loves bath time. She loves to dunk her head in the water and get her hair wet.
5. Her favorite phrases are..."wazat?" (whats that?), "mon" (come on.... followed by daddy or mommy), "mere" (come here... followed by daddy or mommy),
6. Maddie loves to color everything, but I only let her color on paper. She got a few coloring books for her birthday and she loves them.
7. Maddie loves going to the Library. She loves books but she loves it when daddy takes her to get movies. Right now she loves "Little Einsteins"
8. She loves to read to herself. Lately, at bedtime, she will get a book for me and her and when I start to read out loud, she says "Shhh.."
9. She loves to change her dolls diapers 50 times in five minutes. ( k, I am exaggerating, but this is what it feels like) She also likes to put them to bed.
10. She likes to put anything to bed. Sometimes when she plays in her room by herself, she lays all of her animals on their sides and reads to them.
11. Maddie loves to walk in snow. She also loves her snow boots because Ivan gave them to her.

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Alexis said...

November bday girls are the coolest. And holy cow what a cute bday party! That's it, I can't invite you to Elijah's birthday party which will feature dollar store decor. Oh well we can't all be amazing!