Thursday, July 29, 2010

better late than never

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! a month late.
We started off the day at the city parade. I think the carwash guys were the highlight of the parade but I didn't snap picture of them.
The kids love it because all the floats throw candy at them.

I think Maddie is reading the fortune of this piece of candy.... Soon you will be eaten by a very happy little girl
Yep, those are permanent chocolate stains on her mouth.

I wanted Maddie's hair to be cool like Brecken's but I'm just not as cool as Emily yet. I think it turned out pretty good though for an amateur.
Here is a short video of Ivan and Maddie's sweet dance moves.

We had a pretty relaxed day. That night we watched the fireworks from the Nature Park on the grassy hills of our apartment complex, and went to bed fairly early.

Now, Maddie asks us all the time to watch fireworks on youtube.

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Emily said...

Her hair turned out great! I haven't had time to do anything fun to Brecken's hair since Tate's been around. Makes me sad :(