Tuesday, July 06, 2010

could be worse...

I really try hard not to complain... so instead of complaining about how incredibly gross it is to clean poop out of underwear, carpet etc. I decided to make myself feel better by making a list of things that are worse...

1. getting eaten by a pack of wolves
2. getting eaten by sharks
3. someone throwing up on you
4. chopping your fingers off in a paper cutter
5. finding fingers in your smoothie
6. comb overs

Anything you want to add? None of these things has happened to me today so I am feeling pretty good. My day is better than I thought.

1 comment:

Zac & Chelsea said...

Well, I have had Gavin throw up on me so many times this week, I can't even count and I have been cleaning poop out of the carpet as being sick has given him horrible diarrhea, sorry TMI. But, you're right I haven't cut off my fingers or been eaten or found fingers in my smoothie. I will add to the list being in a car accident. Way to think positive!