Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy half birthday to Tara

Tara is officially six months old. Yeah! I can't believe how fast it goes. Anywho, we celebrated by eating mashed potatoes. She loved it. I did have to give the bumbo a bath too though. Tara loves to eat but she prefers to feed herself. She isn't really that excited to eat baby food but super happy to eat what we are eating.

Also, Tara got up on her knees with her belly off the floor for the first time today. She can do an army scoot and she also sits up really well. She started sitting up a month or so ago but she was very wobbly and fell over quickly. She needs a hair cut pretty bad because her bangs are covering her eyes. She loves to suck on a flexible spatula and she is not very cuddly.
Here she is with her friend Liam. She has sweet potatoes on her face. I need to take some better pictures. Maybe tomorrow.

We love you so much Tara!!

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middledavis said...

Such a cutie patootie! (To quote a dear friend of mine who loves to use that phrase. It seemed appropriate here...)

Looking forward to the additional promised pics!