Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Shenanigans

Aaron dressed up like the Karate Kid and I was Mr Miyagi. So, funny story, we were out on the porch talking to our new neighbors. Savanah asked us what Aaron was studying and what he wanted to be. Maddie jumps in and says, "My daddy is going to be the Karate Kid." She was right!

We went to the awesomest party ever at our good friends the Browns. Their Halloween party's are seriously one of the best things about the Burg. I will hopefully have a better picture of our costumes from the ward halloween party pictures. They will come in an email and I will update soon. So far, this is our best picture. We are karaoking it up.

 On Thursday, we carved pumpkins with our good friends, the Frongners.
 This is a funny face but Maddie loved getting her fingers slimmy and pulling out the guts. She said she was fishing.

 Sorry this top picture is so blurry, our camera is getting old. I think Kristen has some better pics; I might add those later.
 Here is Maddie in her doggy costume. She was very adamant she wanted to be a doggy this year... and next year a kitty and then a dolphin and then a shark. We'll see if she still wants that later.

Here is Tara in her candy corn costume. I thought she was pretty cute.
 Tara with her good friend Liam at the ward halloween party on Friday.
Umm... there are about a million pictures of the two of them.

 They are just too cute together.
 I'm not really a fan of arranged marriages but...

 We might have to schedule some type of ward reunion when Liam gets back from his mission.
 Seriously, how cute are these pictures?
 Jakey had to join the photo shoot.
 On Saturday we went to Boo at the Zoo. Maddie and Isaac looking at something awesome, I'm sure.
 Maddie figured out the whole trick-or-treating pretty quickly.
 She loved the candy.
 Zoie and Maddie playing on the hay.
 On Sunday, we went to church and Maddie "sang" for the primary program. We practiced in the car, she sang loud in the car, but when she got to church I think she just smiled at people. It was cute though.

We tried a new recipe for dinner. Here is Tara with her baby's first Halloween bib. She sucks on her bottom lip often. After dinner, we frosted sugar cookies and delivered a few to some friends.
 Maddie wanted a picture too.
 Here is our Halloween card.
Happy Halloween. We love you!


Brown Family said...

lol! ivan wants to watch it again!

Emily said...

I love the costumes!!

Elle said...

Is that Liam Barnes?? As in Kristal's son?

Richard and McKenna said...

Seriously Liam and Tara are SO cute together!!! Love it. We should make a collage of pictures of them together and give it to them when they grow up! And I definitely think an arranged marriage is a great idea! :)We would have some dang cute grandkids! haha :)
p.s. I am totally borrowing these pics! :)