Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sweet Sisters

A few nights ago Maddie had just crawled into bed after using the bathroom in the middle of the night when Tara started to cry. I waited a few seconds to see if she was waking up for a feeding or just making noise. Since Maddie was already awake I heard her little voice call out, "mommy, Tara needs you." I promptly got up and headed into their room. When I walked in I saw Maddie at the side of Tara's crib holding her hand and telling Tara, "it's okay, mommy is coming, she will be here soon."

This morning when Maddie woke up, she decided to read Tara a book. She just got a few at the library, so she was probably excited about them. Anyway this is what I heard, "Once upon a time... there was a tree... and a boy... the boy swung on the tree...and he came back and back and back. The end." Can you guess which book it was? I thought it was pretty cute!

Yesterday was the last day at the Farmer's Market for Kristen and me. Aaron watched Maddie and I took Tara to the market with me. I went into the tabernacle to change Tara's diaper and as I left, Aaron was just coming out of the library with Maddie (the tabernacle and library share a parking lot). As soon as Tara saw Maddie, she started to wiggle and squirm and had a huge smile on her face. She was so excited to see Maddie, it was cute. Maddie always gets the best laughs out of Tara. They love each other so much.

I love my girls!


Brandon and Diedre Sloan said...

Oh that is ADORABLE!! I love the bond between siblings Krew and Gray are the same way. I love that Maddie held Taras hand and told her everything was going to be ok. What a sweet sister!!

middledavis said...

Awwwwwwww. Maddie loves her little sister. And Tara obviously feels the same way. Such sweet girls. I love them, too, Jen.