Monday, October 18, 2010

Todays Shenanigans

Aaron saved my life! I grabbed a few chex from a Chex mix and popped them in my mouth. I don't know if I swallowed it wrong or didn't chew it up enough, but it got stuck. I couldn't breathe and Aaron kept asking me if I was okay. I tried to tell him but I couldn't talk. So, he gave me the heimlich and it came out on the first push. Crazy Drama! Seriously, I have only seen that in the movies.

So all throughout dinner, Maddie kept saying things like, "can you breathe mommy", "Tara, don't choke like mommy", "Mommy, can you still breathe?" So funny!

Also at dinner...
Aaron- tell Tara how much you like carrots (Tara ate carrots for dinner)
Maddie- I like carrots, Tara.
Aaron- and you like green beans
Maddie- I like green beans
Aaron- and you like pasta
Maddie- I like pasta, except sometimes I don't like mommy's pasta!
That Maddie girl is so funny.

Maddie and her friend Emyri were playing outside. Emyri told me to be the tiger and to hide and come out and scare them. So that is what I was doing. They were hiding in the laundry room. Every time I heard the laundry room door open, I jumped out from around the corner and said "Grrrr..." Turns out someone else was in the laundry room and the third time I did it a man was staring back at me instead of the girls. He said to me, "you must be the tiger!"


middledavis said...

I am SO glad Aaron was there to save you, Jen! FYI, if you ever need to give yourself the Heimlich, you can shove your tummy on the corner of a table. It might hurt, but at least it'll push the air in the right direction. Whew!

And that Maddie says the cutest things!

Go get 'em, Tiger! That made me laugh out loud! I can just see the expression on that man's face. So funny!

Zac & Chelsea said...

I seriously laughed out loud at the tiger part. That is SOOOO funny. You guys have such eventful lives! :) And I am also glad that Aaron was there to save your life.

Richard and McKenna said...

LOL!! That is so funny! Well the Tiger part and the convo Maddie had with Tara! :) I bet that guy laughed all day! What did you do? And scary about chocking!! Good thing he knew what to do to help you!

Brandon and Diedre Sloan said...

Holy cow how scary is that!! I would be freaking out so bad, It's so good that Aaron was there. And that Tiger story is HILARIOUS!!

Shara Mills said...

You guys have awesome stories, thanks for sharing them! ~Jamin