Monday, December 06, 2010


Here is what I made for a party favor.... did you guess the theme?
I decided I like to theme birthday party's after books. It is a great excuse to buy the book and reading a book is a great activity to do with kids. The book is "Caps for Sale" by Esphyr Slobodkina. Here is the invitation. 
 Here are the decorations before anyone showed up. I really enjoy making felt garland. I cut the circles out while watching a movie with Aaron and pushed them through the sewing machine during nap time. If anyone wants one I have two strings I'd like to get rid of. Let me know.
 Maddie is opening the book. We did this first.
The kids loved stacking the caps on their head. The story is really cute if you haven't read it before. It is about a peddler who sells caps. One day, monkeys steal his caps. In an effort to get them back he jumps up and down, puts his hands in the air and throws his own cap on the ground. The kids really enjoyed following along by doing the actions. I should have taken a video of that.
reading the book... (just pretend Maddie isn't picking her nose)
 We played some other games... opened some gifts.
and ate some cake...
and ice cream
Happy 3rd Birthday Maddie!!

Some fun things about Maddie at age three...
(In no particular order)
  • Her favorite color is purple and brown. Sometimes she thinks purple is pink and she loves brown because it is the color of chocolate. I love how she says chocolate, sounds like cwok-cwit.
  • She usually doesn't like princess stuff, but the other day out of the blue she said, "Mommy, I do like princesses. I like princess P." Found out later that is Princess Peach. She prefers saving princesses. She doesn't like to wear princess dresses unless she gets to wear wings.
  • Her favorite pretend play games right now are hiding from a monsters who double trap her, being a superhero who saves the animals, or she's the daddy, Aaron is the papa, and I'm the mommy or the nana. Oh yeah, and recently she has been driving to Mexico, either in Tara's car seat or the "bus" (crib).
  • She thinks she belongs to Daddy and Tara belongs to me. Sometimes she says she can be mine too. She doesn't get jealous when I hold Tara, but she does a little when Aaron holds Tara. She usually will tell Aaron to give her back to me.
  • She loves to shop at Broulims because she gets to push the little cart.
  • She also loves to go to the donut shop with Daddy.
  • She loves her doctor. She always tells me when we pass by her doctor's office. She especially loves to see Paula, the nurse. If we haven't seen her by the time we have to go, she always asks, "where's Paula?"
  • She loves breakfast. I think she would prefer to eat breakfast foods all day. Except she doesn't like eggs... only cereal, pancakes, waffles, donuts, sausage and bacon. Who does that sound like?
  • She loves to paint and color. She is really into drawing rainbows, ballons and cake.
  • Her favorite book right now is a Michael Jordon book that was given to us by the Brown's
  • She loves bells. She calls them "ding-dings"


Emily said...

Those are the coolest party favors ever!

Brandon and Diedre Sloan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE!! I wish we could have been there to help celebrate with you!! What a GREAT idea for a party. Those hats are AWESOME, you are so creative Jen!