Monday, December 06, 2010

Super heros and hardware stores

We went to Lowes a few weeks ago to pick up some wood for a project (I know I still have wood from another project I haven't finished but I needed a different size- thats just how I roll). Lowes was doing a saturday project for kids. I guess they do this once a month. It was pretty cool and really wanted to make one. Good thing I have kids and I can pretend we stayed just for them. Does it count that one of my kids is not even a year old? Shh... don't tell Lowes. I don't have any pictures of us doing the project ( I don't even know what it was supposed to be but we got to hit stuff with really cute mini hammers), but we got to take home these awesome safety goggles and apron.
 Maddie knows she is wearing the apron backwards...
She says, "I'm bad-man"
I say, "You're a bad man?"
Maddie "NOO, I'M BAD-MAN"
Me "what? bad man?"
Me "Oh, you're Bat-man?"
Maddie "Yes" (look of relief) "I'm saving the animals, wanna save animals with me?"

Here is a back view, the apron is Bad-man's cape, in case that wasn't clear.

Also, at Lowes....
A nice old man approached us while we were browsing. He said to me, "What cute boys you have" (both girls were wearing pink, I might have even done Maddie's hair that day). I think I probably gave him a confusing look when I thanked him.
Maddie says, "I'm a girl and that my SISTER, she not a boy she a girl!"
He continued, "I guess this one is a girl (pointing to Maddie). How old are they?"
I said, "She is 2 and she is 8 months."
he said, "Oh he is a cute little guy." and walks away.
As he is walking away Maddie is still saying, "No she NOT a boy she's a girl!"

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middledavis said...

I wonder if he was just playing with you?
(One has to hope so. It'd be a shame if he were really that dense. Or hard of hearing.)

At least Maddie isn't afrait to stand up for her sister.