Friday, December 10, 2010

Super girl has a cape

Me: "What should we make today?"
Maddie: "BAD MAN!!"
Me: "You want to be a bad man?" 
(look of confusion Am I failing as a parent? my daughter wants to be a bad man. Is that what she said?
Maddie: "Yea!! badman!"
Me: "huh?" 
Maddie runs to get her apron and puts it on backwards and flys around. "Lets go save the animals!!"

Yep thats right, my 3 year old daughter is pretending she is Batman and she has animal to save.
 I figure, if thats what she wants to do she is going to need a cape and I love quick and easy projects.
 I looked through my scraps and found some black and yellow felt.
Googled an image of the Batman logo, cut it out. 
Pushed it through the sewing machine and added a strap.
I assembled it like a pillow...
 stitched it right sides together leaving a hole for flipping and topstitched.
Quick and easy project, now my Batman doesn't have to wear her apron.
I love this girl!

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