Monday, April 30, 2012

April Dailies

 Check out Tara's look of concentration...
She thinks my sewing ruler is her table.
 If ever you see that I have done the girls hair fancier than a simple ponytail....
.. you will know, I did nothing else that morning.
 We discovered a new game.
 hold as many ballons as you can...
 and throw them up into the air...
 best giggles ever!
 who doesn't love a good fort?
 Pinterest success: marbleized paper
 Tara pulls these drawers out and calls them her house.

 Tara managed to keep the rollers in long enough to produce a curl!
 Maddie told me this is a party.

 This is what happens when Tara pours her own milk and her best only-you-can-prevent-forest-fires finger.
 Sometimes letting the girls pick their own clothes is a success.. sometimes its not.

 Maddie paints her own nails... again.

 She is very proud!
 painting cardboard instead of nails
 my helpers
 Aaron made this yummy basil lemonade, another Pinterest success story.

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