Thursday, May 17, 2012

Masterchef Audition?

Hello! and welcome to Cooking with Maddie and Tara. We are so glad you could join us!
(princess dresses welcome)
 Today we are making muffins.  Have your mom sous chef lay out all the ingredients you will need...
 then, just start dumping them in bowls
 any way you like
 its okay to use a few sprinkles
actually, don't leave any behind
 mix well
 oh yeah, you'll need an egg
 don't worry about the shells
 line your muffin tin
 then, start scooping
 my motto is the messier the better
 pop them in the oven
 and viola! 
and they taste just as lovely as they look!
(Sorry no recipe; its a family secret!)
 Thanks for joining us! Happy muffin making!

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