Wednesday, July 04, 2012


We celebrated our Independence by going to yet another parade and collecting mounds of candy, which, by the way, are still sitting in the cupboard in a bowl as I write this. Here are some highlights.
 The girls got some new shades.

 I had to add this one because of Lexi's and Tyson's dance moves! Love that! That's right Tara, you watch and learn.
 Do you see the little pocket on Tara's dress? The one she is holding? Yes, that little pocket left that parade filled to the brim with candy. When it could no longer hold anymore candy, she was still stuffing it. I had the hardest time convincing to to put some of that candy in my purse. I can understand why actually.

 ...and here is how they got all that candy. Ain't to proud to beg. (Please tell me someone else knows that lyric:)
 We also went to a ward party and did a few crafts. Aaron's parents were here so it was fun to celebrate the holiday with them. Just so you know we were not lame and did not stay home in the evening when all the fireworks were going off. That was not us. Hope you had an awesome fourth of July!

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