Tuesday, July 31, 2012

july dailies

 We made wood sculptures and we painted them. I love the concentration on their faces.
 Our apples are dropping like flies. In the mornings, the yard is filled with birds eating them.
 Here's the hired help. I pay them with popsicles and dried mangos. It's a pretty good deal.
 We set up a grocery store...
 and took turns shopping and cashiering...
 they loved it.
 and I seriously love that headband, Tara.
 Maddie has recently told me she wants to be a mommy-princess. Tara said she wants to be a princess-boy. They both like to pretend like they are getting married.
Hey Maddie, this prince is already taken. I recommend finding one like him though!
 The girls like this contact paper activity. We did it once with stuff from our craft room...
 and again with stuff from a nature walk.
 Our house is kind of little and we have no spare table tops for a puzzle, but I like puzzles. So, I made this puzzle table to roll under our couch. I love it because I can put it away and Tara wont mess with it.

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middledavis said...

I also love the looks of concentration on the girls' faces! Jen, the things you do with the girls are so much fun for them!

The grocery store idea is fantastic.

I also love the idea of a tray for a puzzle that you can just roll under the couch. What a wonderful idea!