Saturday, September 15, 2012


I'm sure you have always wondered what goes on in our house at bedtime, well, today I'm going to tell you. Aren't you lucky? (Does keeping a blog ever seem a little narcissistic?)

Well, after we read books, brush teeth.... la-dee-da-dee-da... kiss the girls goodnight and leave. Normal stuff right? This is when the parent gets time to themselves to do whatever they please right? Wrong! 

Maddie falls asleep pretty fast. She's had a little more practice. Tara was having a pretty hard time staying in bed or quiet or both. After weeks of turning the lights off when she gets out of bed (they like to read at night so we leave the lights on until they fall asleep), and listening to her scream her guts out, she has discovered that it is actually better to stay in bed and quiet. But remember how when the kids are quiet you know somethings up so you better go check on them. This still holds true with Tara.

Case and point:
 After I thought the girls had gone to sleep seemingly well, I actually had a few hours to get a few things done around the house (by this I mean I didn't have anytime to actually do something productive because I wasted it all on Pinterest or Hulu), then I went upstairs to go to bed and I found this loveliness.
 She didn't just take all of her clothes out of her drawers but she laid them all out nice and flat.
In the morning when I made her clean up this mess, she told me she made a maze. She was so proud of it.
Here is another one for you.. Tara did come down stairs this night. I had put jammies on her before she got in bed but she came downstairs dressed. I brought her back upstairs to put her jammies back on and put her back to bed and found this.
She tried to get Maddie dressed too. Ha Ha Tara, you crack me up!!

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middledavis said...

SUCH a great post! I absolutely love your blog, Jen! The maze was priceless and also the shorts hanging off Maddie's toe. That Tara! She's one of a kind!