Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Dailies

Maddie only had a few days left of summer before school starts so we went to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate Maddie's last days of summer. We usually only go here for friends birthdays but we had some leftover tokens. They seriously love this place and would probably go everyday if they could and maybe if I enjoyed seeing money being thrown away, I would enjoy it too.

 Tara loves to pretend she is a dog or a cat. She crawls around on her hands and feet and tries to pick up things with her mouth.
 Tara has a unique method of putting puzzles together. She finds two pieces and pounds them together with her fist. Its not very effective.
 Aaron decides to bake princess cookies with the girls and everyone knows you have to wear princess dresses when you bake princess cookies.

 Tara might have taken a little taste before they were cooked.

 Gotta love the 1-2-3- cake. Love you Grandma Linda!

 One last trip to the zoo before it gets too cold.

 The girls also got some new matching jammies. I love their faces!

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