Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back by popular demand... more photos

Here are some pictures sent to Aaron from his family. These are the siblings. From left to right: Christopher, Aaron's twin sister Emily, Aaron, Marshall, Michelle and Mike.These are the brothers. You gotta get one of these manly shots. Mike, Aaron, Marshall and Christopher.Here I am with two of my favorite Sister-In-Laws. I have a lot of favorite sister-in-laws now.These two cute girls are Aaron's neices, born three days apart (not the same mom). The one on the left is Katie, daughter of Mike and Suzie Garrett and the right is Brecken, daughter of Emily and Cliff Waite.
This was the fabulous cheesecake made none other than the first favorite Sister-in-law, Lora. By the way Lora, I am still getting compliments on the cake. The photographer said it was the best wedding cake he has tasted, and he has tasted a lot!

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middledavis said...

I think your wedding photos are wonderful! (Like you and Aaron!)