Thursday, September 21, 2006

Weddig Photos

Finally!! We were pretty sick of being engaged to each other. Here are a few goods. These are pictures my dad sent to me. Aaron's family has some great pictures too. Maybe, if you're nice, I'll put those on here too. We will get the professional pictures in a couple months, I will put the website up as soon as I get it.

Aaron's a good listener. (My Mom and Dad- Linda and Robert, Me, Aaron and Aaron's Mom and Dad- frances and Bill)

No Really Check us out! (My dad, Me, The man of my dreams, and my mom)Where are my girls at? Just give us some dangerous looking pointing fingers and call us Charlies Angels. (Tara, Me, Carolyn)This cute guy is my nephew Devin. I know, he is a cutie... but ladies he will not be avalible for a few more years.

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