Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Our trip to Boise

We had a wonderful trip to Boise this past weekend. This is a picture of lunch with the family on Saturday. The second picture is our announcement that I am pregnant. Aaron took the picture and said "okay everyone say Jen's pregnant!" Now, that all the family knows, I thought it would be appropriate to put the announcement on our blog. We tried bringing the camera with us to take more pictures for the blog, but we decided it would just be easier to have a baby. Aaron is really good at taking pictures of babies. Now, we will have something to blog about.


Emily said...

Yay! We're so excited to have a new little cousin for Brecken and our new bun! Congrats again!

Ida Marie said...

Congratulations you guys. We will be very excited to read the updates.

Christopher said...

i hope you guys are fully aware of the REDICULOUS ammount of cuteness that is about to enter the world.