Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I know that most of you are jealous that you can't be here in Rexburg with us. I know I would be if I weren't already here. A few days ago the temperature was above 80 degrees and it pretty much felt amazing! Today is another beautiful day at 35 degrees and we woke up to snow! You gotta love Rexburg. I pretty much expect snow after a few hot days now.

A few other things we are exited about....
Aaron had a birthday (Emily, aaron's twin, did too and so did my brother, Brian). We went out for dinner to celebrate. Aaron wanted something exotic; so he choose Denny's. Great choice! On June 2nd I have a doctors appointment and I am far enough along that we will find out the baby's gender!

Aaron was recently called to serve as the 1st Counselor in the new Elders Quorum.
And the church is true!

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