Friday, May 04, 2007

My Baby Has heartbeat!!

Well, I had my first appointment and I learned two very important things, my baby has a heartbeat and I only have one baby in the oven! Two things I am very excited about.

Now, you think that I wouldn't be surprised that my baby has a heartbeat but I tell you what? I was a little worried. A friend called me a few weeks ago and told me all about her friend who had a miscarriage and It really scared me. As I was sitting and waiting for the doctor to come in and do my ultrasound, I was actually a little nervous. And a little picture came up on the screen of a cashew-ish looking thing and in the middle of the cashew there was a quick fading in and out. The doctor said this is the heartbeat and I can't even begin to explain the feeling that came over me. Babies truly are a miracle. I can't believe I have one growing inside of me.

Well, right now the baby is mostly head, but I did see two little stubs that the doctor informed me were arms. The baby has two arms! (Again, that shouldn't surprise me) The baby was moving around a lot and The doctor said I had a mover. That should make for an interesting third trimester.

I got a picture and a DVD, so Aaron got to see the heartbeat too. I will post the picture when I get some time but as for now, you will just have to use those sweet reading skills I know you have.


Suzy said...

Jen that is so exciting!! It really is a miracle. Can't wait to see the little armed cashew's picture! - Suzy

middledavis said...

Jen, we're so happy about the little baby English! Can't wait for more news!! Keep it coming...

Christopher said...

i've said it before, and i'll say it again, little asian baby English is going to be the cutest thing that this world has ever experienced.