Thursday, May 10, 2007


No picture of little gangplank yet. I have not afforded the effort of scanning the picture, but I have a feeling that our little picture of gangplank is not all that different from the other little cashews of the ultrasound world. Funny thing, When I looked up images of cashews online to add to the previous post, a couple of ultrasound pictures came up.

Anywho, maybe a week ago at work, someone asked me where the one card office is. I hope I didn't give her a look reflecting my thought, because I admit, I chuckled inside. We have an I-Card office. Maybe she thought it was a one card office. So, then, the other day Aaron and I were eating lunch in a spot on campus we never really sat much before. Someone walked out of a door I had never noticed, and low and behold, the sign said "One Card Office" Boy, did I feel stupid.

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