Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rollin'' with my homies

I got to be a tourist.... you know, hanging out in Seattle, I was often the one being quacked at; this time I got to do the quacking... we didn't make anyone dance though.. maybe next time.
Mom and me waiting in line for the duck tour. Aaron and Dad were here too but we were the only ones cool enough to have our picture taken. We had to be first in line because this is my dad's favorite tour. He's pretty much a regular after being on this tour as much as he has.This was our sweet ride. Let's just say you get a few head turns in this bad boy. I think some hydraulics and a spoiler is about the only thing that could make this ride any better.
Although this is a snapshot of my mom and dad, we did manage to get a picture of the women who looks like a man in the background.

This ones for you Destiny's Child. Here we are with our Bills, Bills, Bills. Dad bought us these sweet quakers so we could quak at people while we were on the boat. Aaron enjoyed this, he even quacked at people when we weren't inside the boat.
This is a picture of the back of some peoples heads. Nice huh. I've never seen such nice heads before. Just kidding. I actually took this picture as we were "driving" through the water. The neat thing about the duck bus is that it travels on land and sea.Oh, and occasionally we saw some Seattle touristy sites such as Pioneer Square, Starbucks and this is a picture of the Ballard Bridge. We also learned some super cool facts about Seattle. Did you know that Seattle sells more sunglasses than any other city? Surprising! Because the sun rarely comes out, every time it does we have to buy new sunglasses because we missed placed the last ones we bought.


Christopher said...

haha. Jen, you kill me

middledavis said...

Your comments make me smile...I enjoyed the photos, too. Looks like your Seattle trip was great! I look forward to seeing your parents in November.
Bill and I will come out and see you and Aaron before too long.