Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Today I woke up and starting making lunches for me and Aaron and I realised it is butt day. For those of you who don't know, butt day is the day when the only two pieces of bread left are the butts and you get to have a sandwich with both of them. The ends are my favorite. Today was that day. Let's just say I knew from then on it would be a good day.

This butt day has inspired my list of 50 small things in life that make me happy... in random order...

1. butt day
2. clean towels
3. sleeping in your own bed
4. new socks
5. land covered with trees
6. nuts- in any variety including coconuts
7. spoofee- or any great deal
8. anticipation
9. routines and schedules
10. people who are brave enough to sport a mullet
11. interviews
12. being able to touch my toes (I don't remember this being a simple pleasure, but I am absolutely positive that after I have the baby it will)
13. twizlers nibs
14. when your folding laundry and every sock has a companion
15. big skies
16. snow
17. temples
18. breakfast first thing in the morning
19. clean teeth
20 whiteout tape
21. knowing the answer- especially in math class
22. tax returns
23. a familiar face
24. remembering something you forgot
25. when old people talk to you like they know you
26. natural preservatives
27. sore muscles after a great workout
28. eating strawberries you picked yourself
29. a made bed
30. Aaron's face when he sees a donut
31. mom's cooking
32. the sound of rain
33. building a fort
34. a cold glass of water
35. a clean restroom- public and private
36. those people who walk on the street all crazy and sing and don't care who's looking
37. hair clips for people with thick hair that actually work
38. Christmas music
39. an empty kitchen sink
40. going to put the dishes away and finding out someone beat me to it
41. lists
42. starting or finishing a project
43. dad hiding the Easter eggs again, after I already found them all
44. craigslist
45. getting something in the mail from a friend or family member on a regular day
46. soup on a cold day
47. being able to see through water
48. kind people
49. when someone waves with all five fingers
50. not carrying a cell phone

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