Friday, September 07, 2007

joke for the day

Ninety nine couples wait at the pearly gates to be judged. Heavenly Father comes to the gates and says " I want the wives to the left and the husbands to the right, I will judge the ladies first and men I want you to make two lines, one for those of you who were the head of your household and the other for the household where the woman were in charge. Upon his return from the ladies he noticed the there were 98 men in one line and one man in the other. He said “what is wrong with you men, I give you power over all things and made you head of your household what happened”. He then turned to the one man and said “tell these brothers how you did it, tell them how you took control of your home”. The man looked at Heavenly father and said “ I am only in this line because my wife told me to stand here”.

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