Thursday, January 10, 2008

We are all smiles

I wanted to post a picture of Maddie's after bath curly hair... so here it is.

Motorboat and Maddie's smile... Aaron is pretty excited about blogging now.

Classes started yesterday and I had no idea how hard leaving Maddie for two hours would be. Anyway, I came home from school today, really excited to see her and she was so full of smiles. She must have been excited to see me too. I'm not sure if her smiles are on purpose but I'd like to think they are


middledavis said...

Delightful video clip! I love Maddie's smiles! I love the picture of her after her bath, too. I wish I could hold her.

I like Potatoes...Potatoes smell like flowers said...

I love little miss maddie!!! she is the cutist "niece" i have haha

Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

All this pictures made me laugh, she is such a cutie. Has she worn any of the little outfits we made at the baby shower?

The Rexburgites said...

What a fun blog! Maddie is darling, and her hair is amazing! Hows life in the berg? Are you guys going to be in Rexburg for a while?

Cassidy said...

Oh my! COngrats. She is adorable!