Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Milk wars and other stuff

WIC buys us milk and usually Aaron gets a gallon of 2% and I get a gallon of skim. He always finishes before me, but last week I thought I was beating him in drinking my gallon before he finished his. Then he told me he had been drinking from mine for a few days now. I wondered how I was drinking it that fast. Anyway, I got a half gallon this time and I thought for sure I could win, but alas, he is still beating me with his gallon.

Other, more important news... Maddie has started grabbing her foot and other things, but mostly her foot and it is really cute.


middledavis said...

Okay, Jen, now you've tempted us with the image of a cute Maddie grabbing her foot, we want to see a picture! :)

Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

hey that happens to us to. We get 1% and skim but since milk is so expensive we have been getting two gallons of skim and Jeff just adds chocolate syrup to make up for it's lack in fat content. He drinks his a lot faster than I do.

Michelle said...

Hey same here - Marty drinks a gallon of milk in like 4 days, and I'm still working on a half gallon for several weeks - That's probably because I never drink milk, just use it in recipes and cereal. That's so cute the way Maddie is trying to eat both of her hands at the same time - it reminds me of you (A) when you were little.