Sunday, March 23, 2008


This super cute outfit was a gift from Aunt Landa. She always gets complements when she wears it.
It started warming up but luckily the snow came back for a day so Maddie could wear her snowsuit. She finally fits into it now that it is warming up.
This is Maddie's favorite pastime. Aaron used to suck his middle two fingers also.

I've been particularly crafty lately. A friend came over and we made these sweet magnets and I also made an Easter basket for Maddie.

This is me loving my baby girl and Maddie sucking her fingers... again.
Bill and Frances came down for a quick visit. That was super nice. We are pretty excited for the semester to be over because than we will have a week to visit both sets of grandparents.
Beef Samosas, my other love. Our Indian Sundays are spilling into Fridays and Saturdays.
And... this is Maddie's audition picture for a target ad. You can't hear her singing, but let me assure you, she is. We have been giving her this spatula to play with. Isn't she the cutest in a white onsie?

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Christopher said...

you've got to be kidding me! She boggles my mind.