Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sundays Koftas

Ground Coriander...$4
Garam Masala...$5
Buying Aaron an Indain food cook book...Priceless
Every Sunday we cook Indian Food- and by we I mean Aaron does most of it. I told you buying him that book was genius. We usually make a curry or something saucy, but this is Beef Koftas. It was delicious. We even made naan-like bread last week. Yummy, Sundays are great.


Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

yup I'm due September 12. We will be back in Rexburg on April 17th. We will hopefully be living in Donagle Bay. where are you guys living?

The Rexburgites said...

It was fun to hear from you! Thats so funny about the coat, don't worry, its not ghetto in Idaho, its only ghetto in Pennsylvania, so your good. haha
Hows everything going? Maddie is so cute! are you guys in the same ward? I hope so, we are coming back to the ward.

middledavis said...

You guys can come to my house and cook anytime!

Christopher said...

Aaron, you make me delicious indianness, i make you delicious italianness. Deal?