Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This weekend's top three...

1. Finding Naan
Our Indian Sunday spilled over, into our Friday. We had a tasty curry because we love it and because we found some naan bread on the sale rack at the grocery store. We of course had no problem eating it that night. It was the most wonderfully delicious meal. Something about naan makes any Indian meal better.

2. Baby Whisper
I finished reading Secrets of the Baby Whisper. It was a quick read mostly because I was really interested how this system works. Anywho, I thought putting Maddie on a schedule would be easy for me but not so much. I started on the baby whisper's E.A.S.Y. method, which stands for eat, activity, sleep, you. I think we are doing alright. Maddie is sleeping about 6 hours a night. Yeah. I think I am getting better at understanding her needs though. Its a great book, two thumbs up.

3. Korean Sunday

This Sunday we traded our Indian meal for a Korean one (good thing we meet our Indian fix on Friday). Our Korean neighbors invited us over along with all the other Koreans in the complex. Aaron had kimchi, tofu and seaweed for the first time. Eel was one of the dishes but we both oped not to try it quite yet. Aaron was the only whitey but he felt pretty comfortable amongst the Koreans, probably more comfortable than me.


middledavis said...

When we come over to visit you guys, please say you'll cook for us...:)

Christopher said...

haha, aaron's a whitey!