Friday, May 16, 2008

Good News Minute

We sometimes have good news minute at church and I never know what to say. Lots of good things happen but I think I get stage fright or something.

Here is some good news from us...

1. We got our tax return!! Loved the stipend. The government gave us some money for having Maddie and instead of buying stuff (sorry, no GDP increase from us) we put it in a college fund for Maddie. I wanted to stick the money there and forget about it. I know it isn't much but if anyone wants to contribute to her college fund for birthdays or other holidays I wont stop you.

2. Maddie is on a new bedtime routine. I admit, I spoil Maddie and sometimes let her sleep in my arms (by sometimes I mean anytime that is not night time and also sometimes at night). Mostly because I love to hold her and at night because I usually fall asleep when I nurse her. Well, she decided that she wants me to do that all night every night, so we had to change some things. So far, it is working out great. She has slept in her crib now for three nights in a row and no middle of the night wake ups. This means I am sleeping longer and in my bed and that is definitely good news!

3. Sunny days!! Don't get me wrong, I like the snow and spastic weather changes of our little town, but Maddie and I are enjoying our time outside. She is so funny to watch around other kids because she just giggles and giggles. I love it!

4. I am signing to Maddie at meal times and bedtime. I love it. She doesn't sign back yet but I have faith that someday she will. Then I will have someone to sign with. I really miss going to the deaf branch at home. I also taught a baby sign class for church and will be a guest speaker in a class on campus about baby sign. Let's hear it for sign language!

Umm.. I think that is all for now. Aaron studying a lot plus Maddie sleeping in her crib equals longer and more frequent posts. That might not be a good thing.


AlwaysMee said...

yea Sign Language!!!
My sister Nancy uses sign language with her babys too. She started learning a couple of years ago.
It was nice to read all of your good news.
I am blog crazy these days. I also have...

I like keeping tabs on you.

middledavis said...

You're so awesome. Just thought I'd tell you that in case Aaron hasn't yet today.

I love your blog. Wish Bill and I were there to enjoy Maddie's enjoyment of the outdoors.