Tuesday, June 24, 2008

10 on Tuesday

1. This morning I counted 20 cheerios and put them on Maddie's tray, and only 3 of them ended up on the ground. This is a huge improvement from earlier this week when we gave her bread and all of it ended up on the ground.

2. What do chili's, beans, lettuce, radishes and beets all have in common? They are all growing in my garden!! yeah. Everything I planted is sprouting and I am starting to think I can be a gardener after all.

3. My sewing area is quickly filling up with unfinished projects... and I've decided to start another one. I am making grocery bags! Go green! Let me know if you want some and I will make some for you too! They are super easy.

4. I signed up for a summer session class. During the seven week break the school offers select classes for credit. I am taking Book of Mormon. If I change my major to University Studies I can graduate next July! Hooray!

5. Aaron and I have started flossing everyday. I floss pretty often so it wasn't much of a change for me but I think it has been a while since Aaron flossed regularly.

6. Yesterday Aaron and I had steak for dinner. We don't usually buy meat because our grocery budget is pretty limited but our favorite upstairs neighbors so kindly gave us some steak on Sunday. We almost grilled it up then even though we had already eaten dinner. Thanks Mandy and Tyrel. You are our heroes!

7. Next weekend, Aaron's brother Marshall will be visiting. We know he is coming to visit all the girlies who have crushes on him but we pretend he is really visiting us. Can't wait to see you Marshall.

8. I found my nifty knitting needle that has been missing for some time now. So,I am making pot holders again. I thought we could never have too many pot holders but, now we do.

9. In my child clothing class, I am making this super cute Easter dress for next year. I just need to sew on the sleeves and put some snaps on the back. So, far this is my favorite project. Next we will make a jacket.

10. Tomorrow is the Lost and Found sale at school. We always find some great deals there. Also, Aaron is going to meet us there so not only will I have two extra hands, but I will also get to see my husband during the day for a bit.


Suzy said...

I can't believe Maddie is eating cheerios! She is growing up so fast! Yeah, now that Faith is on solids, I feel like all I do is feed her too...
Congrats on the garden though! That is so fun!

middledavis said...

Jen, I love the little dress! You're such a good seamstress. Maddie is so cute sitting in her high chair (which looks like new thanks to the terrific job you did on covering it.)

Emily said...

I'm so impressed by your disease/talent! I can't sew and don't have much desire to (although I wish I did), but I am always amazed by what others can do with a sewing machine!

Brielle said...

I love the dress! She will look so cute in it!